Art Brussels 2019

Art Brussels, Damien & The Love Guru, from 25th to 28th April 2019, Brussels.

Can we see the space of the gallery – the not so contemporary white cube – as a scenography, a tool to build up and give shape to parallel fictional environments? During the last years, we have conducted a series of experiments that try to answer this question. The booth, in the endless series of cubes typical of the art fairs, is the extreme point of arrival of this fictional landscape for contemporary art we mentioned above. The space designed for this occasion will be a sort of independent architecture, a box with a door, a space to discover that hides the works inside, thus creating a sense of expectation.


Damien & The Love Guru present:
Aisha Christison
Margarita Maximova
Jasmin Werner


Scenography by Parasite 2.0


Art Brussels 2019
Invited Section
Booth INV5