Bricks, borders and flags.

E se diventi farfalla, from 15th October to 4th December, 2018, Mantua, Italy.

The project Bricks, Borders and flags is a special classroom where the students can create new spaces of collectivity overcoming all the national, linguistic, and age differences. The lecture transforms into a game, or better into a performative deed, a theatrical show, and the pupils become unintentional actors, with no director or script.
The game is composed of two elements. The first is the bricks – pillows with the form and texture of a brick – are used in order to create the space in which the pupils’ lives take place as a community. The second element is the flags, a symbol that a community uses to recognize.
Through different moments, the children had the possibility to create an architecture for their community and the flags of their classrooms. The project aimed to help the kids to understand how every difference and border can be demolished in order to create a collective environment.


Bricks, borders and flags was a project part of “E se diventi farfalla”, a three-year-long program curated by Ilaria Rodella.