Bruno Munari - Antropocene

Spazio Munari, Miart 2024, From 12th April to 15th June, Milan.

Bruno Munari, already in the mid-1950s and thus long before the term Anthropocene took shape, had wondered what traces the presence of man would leave on our planet. This exhibition borrows the concept of the Anthropocene to guide us on a journey through his Fossils of 2000, ancient and modern artefacts, real and “reconstructed” objects.
Inspired by the transparencies and overlapping of colours and surfaces of the original Fossils of 2000, the exhibition design borrows existing vitrines from ADI Design Museum, creating a volumetric composition. Transparent glass vitrines help create an endless game of juxtapositions between the different Munari pieces. On the other hand, on the two long walls and the windows of Spazio Munari, a series of graphic contents are vandalized with graffiti tags.


Curated by: Corraini Edizioni

Exhibition design: Parasite 2.0
With the support of ADI Design Museum, which provided the materials.