Caserma Pepe, Lieux Infinis (16th Biennale di Architettura, French Pavillion) from 11th to 16th June 2018, Venice.

Cinemapepe was developed in collaboration with Agreements To Zinedine on the occasion of the 16th Architecture Venice Biennale for the French Pavilion’s intervention inside Caserma Pepe. The architect Giancarlo De Carlo, in his “Architecture of the participation” says that “firstly, we can say that to label and classify human behaviors we must have recourse to ‘typification.’ We must, in other words, create a model-man who produces action which can be considered typical. Let us observe that the model-man has neither society nor history, that his perimeters do not extend beyond the rotation of his members. His behaviors are no more than abstract descriptions, having a little to do with reality: they embody neither contradictions nor conflicts because the circle within which the behaviors of the model-man occurs is empty “.
Today, what we still use to create our habitat consists of a series of elements and theories inherited from modernity. But the project imagined for the Infinit Lieux Caserma Pepe tries to deny and subvert this condition decomposing and recomposing the design modernist paradigm by playing. Within the standards of Le Corbusier’s Modulor is impressed the violence of the homogenization of behaviors. While the modernist design is based on a top-down approach, on the typification of the human body, and thus on standards, in order to rethink the future common habitat it is necessary the subversion of all those modernist paradigms. With a series of simple geometrical grids, wood sticks, and inflatable balls for fitness the user will be able to decompose and rebuild those elements through simple joints and belts, thus playing as a child.


Project in collaboration with ATZ (Agreements To Zinedine)
Thanks to Biennale Urbana, Lieux Infinis (16th Biennale di Architettura, French Pavillion) and Encore Heureux.


Workshop realized with MADE program and IUAV students: Pol Gaynes Cortijo, Camilla Mazzocato,Camilla Cangiotti,Ottavio Paponetti, Francesco D’Aurio, Matilde Borgherini, Fabrizio Rocché, Alessia Sala, Andrea Marrodan Hernandez, Carola Campisi, Dalila Musso, Chiara Russo, Barbara Soares, Edoardo Spata, Teresa Ficara and Luigi Biosogno