Mudec, from 1st March to 8th September 2024, Milan

The exhibition, curated by Katya Inozemtseva and Sara Rizzo, reflects on the traditional concept of the vitrine and its centrality in exhibition projects. In relation to the ‘classical museum display’, the display case separates and at the same time exposes the object, offering it for viewing, but creating a barrier for the viewer. In ethnographic museums in particular, the ‘neutralizing’ effect of the display case affects the works, isolating them and depriving them of their original context and function.


Artists featured in the exhibition: Monia Ben Hamouda, Mark Dion, Sam Durant, Theo Eshetu, Damien Hirst, Candida Höfer, Giancarlo Iliprandi, Gene Moore, Roberto Sambonet, Albe Steiner.


Graphic design: Parco Studio

Exhibition design: Parasite 2.0

Parasite 2.0 Team: Beatrice Utano, Eugenio Cosentino, Stefano Colombo, Luca Marullo.


Courtesy Comune di Milano, Mudec – Museo delle Culture

Ph. Alessandro Saletta – DSL Studio