Fantastic Institution

Base Milano, Design Week 2022, from 30th May to 5th June 2022, Milan

As part of the wider framework of “We Will Design“, @base_milano presented a special project dedicated to the new generations, carried out with the support of the Embassy and the Consulate General of the Netherlands in Italy: “They Will Design“, where from WE attention is shifted to THEY, the youngest, to those who tomorrow will have the responsibility of designing the future. They are given the challenge of imagining FANTASTIC INSTITUTIONS, which modify or subvert existing ones.

They Will Design involved 20 students between 18 and 26 years from Italian and international universities, academies and training places. During the project implementation phases the working groups were supported by PARASITE 2.0. The challenge of each group was to produce a manifesto of a new FANTASTIC INSTITUTION, a concept presented at BASE during Design Week 2022.



Marta Bracci, Nan Chen, Fiorella Costantini, Gabriel Alfaro Fregoso, Laura Haagmans, Dianhui Huang, Marianna Antonia Inuso, Giorgia Loser, Davide Marcianesi, Preethisakana Mathisekar, Ryv Mehmetaj, Carlotta Oliosi, Samuele Palladino, Alessandro Pasero, Anna Raffaghello, Nina Rikken, Ludmila Secchin, Jasleen Singh, Sven Van der Steur, Zhuaon Dai.


Ph. Cartacarbone, Davide Marcianesi, Alessandro Pasero, Lorenzo Basili

Exhibition design: Parasite 2.0

BASE curatorial and production team: Giulia Cugnasca, Linda di Pietro, Marina Mussapi, Gaia Scalzi, Alessia Filippini

Mentors: Leonardo Caffo , Dr. Rebecca Gomperts, Naomie Pieter, Jonas Staal, Florian Malzacher, Jabuce Deul and Marcello Cualbu.