Fuzzy Architecture #2

Possibility of an Island, AA Visiting School, From 21st June to 3rd July 2020, Radda in Chianti.

Fuzzy Architecture #2 is a project realized within the workshop Possibility of an Island at Castellina in Chianti supported by the Architectural Association School of Architecture of London and curated by Sofia Pia Belenky, Margherita Marri, and Luigi Savio.

The project critically looks at the processes of appropriation by the mainstream culture of those design practices connected with the world of political activism. The project starts from Hakim Bey’s book T.A.Z. in which the author defines the importance of building Temporary Autonomous Zones that are, by their very definition, meant to be temporary and so destined to meet an end since their birth. According to Bey, this methodology would allow avoiding the absorption by the mainstream culture, thus guaranteeing greater power of expression and a better possibility of constructing new reflections and projections free from the usual structures. Fuzzy Architecture #2 finds into the performative action its main media. During the 10 days, the project wants to experiment with T.A.Z. of different duration. The series of interventions play with the temporality of the action from a few seconds to several hours. All the moments of presentation become planned performances, thus demolishing all the ordinary rules. Progressively, all the participants enjoy the Taz. The last event is conceived as the occasion to build a coral and collective moment destined to disappear and close the whole experience.


Programme Heads: Sofia Pia Belenky Margherita Marri, Luigi Savio
Tutors: Parasite 2.0, AbNormal, CAPTCHA, Fosbury Architecture, Space Caviar, Bianca Felicori, Plstct
Students: Davide Gualco, Pietro Lora
Photos and Videos: Piercarlo Quecchia (DLS Studio), Guglielmo Giomi, Daniel Swarovski