Extraperlo 2021, Antonio Ulloa 36, Bajo Izquierda, from 18th February to 20th January 2021, Madrid, Spain

Hypersizing is a series of digitally printed textiles designed using AutoCAD Hatch patterns and free download CAD blocks. Hypersizing is born from a dialogue between Parasite 2.0 and Annalisa Rosso on the occasion of Extraperlo 2021, curated by Maria Cristina Dinero and Jorge Penades.


‘There is a form of proactive sabotage that acts through the radical questioning of the system of knowledge – great dogmas as well as small certainties. Some children do it, with a sense of provocation and a love of paradox, when continuing to ask why in front of every answer obtained. And Parasite 2.0 studio does it, meticulously dismantling the paradigms of the disciplines to freely rethink design, architecture and scenography. The dialogue, the exchange of ideas and different points of view, is the driving force behind the work of Stefano Colombo, Eugenio Cosentino and Luca Marullo. The flow of their thoughts is permeable, open to the external solicitations and the interventions of other people, as in the case of the curator. The invitation to add a step to their research, with a project that must fit into a shoebox, sets in motion a cascade mechanism of absolute questions – how much does space weigh? – and led to the fragmentation of the Renaissance ideal city, then reassembled on an impalpable fabric according to the peculiar vision of the Italian collective. A very light, modified, transportable architecture, which invites the visitor to free interaction and, above all, to independent thinking’


Hypersizing is produced by Punto Seta