Open Baden Society

Bad zum Raben-Bagno Popolare, October 07th to December 16th, 2023, Baden, Switzerland

MADAM at Bäderkultur invited us to a three-month research residency program in Baden, a well-renowned thermal destination in Switzerland. From Roman emperors to Herman Hesse, the Swiss thermal town has attracted long-time visitors.

The project is hosted by Bad zum Raben-Bagno Popolare, the only economically affordable SPA in town. The project reflects on the process of branding and privatization that take us to our days, in which the springs are in the hands of a few and thermal bathing is not accessible to everyone due to its elevated costs. With “Open Baden Society”, we wanted to transform this layer of names, text, lights and symbols into an environmental installation, reclaiming the public role of this public good.

“Open Baden Society” is a project by Parasite 2.0 part of Bäderkultur, curated by MADAM- Many Atoms Develop A Mountain.