Pantone Lab

Brand Licencing Exhibition (BLE) 2017, Olympia Fair Center, from 9th to 11th October 2017, London.

PANTONE LAB is a pavilion realized for Nicola Ciancio’s communication agency, at Brand Licencing Exhibition 2017. The project for Pantone, curated in Europe by CrazyBell Licencing Company, has references in the laboratories where the company analyzes the colors. The laboratory, as an aseptic space for excellence, becomes the scenery in which different activities can be done. The communicative role of architecture is lost. In a homogeneous monochromatic space characterized by blink material such as steel, plastic, and glass, the color becomes the subject of the performances that take place during the fair. A conveyor belt moves small bottles filled with colors, replaced three times per day. A screen printer, on his table full of ampoules, print small personalized books. Two scientists apply color tattoos on visitors’ skin. The users are called to enter a micro-world of which they become part.


Creative Direction and General Concept: Nicola Ciancio
Booth design and concept: Parasite 2.0
Live Serigraphy and Colors Preparation: Filippo Basile\ Press-Press
Stand Realization: Timor &Sanz
Actors Organization and Logistics Manager: Roberta Cutolo