Primitive Future Office

Via Farini in Residence, from September to December 2014, Milan.

The Primitive Future Office project starts from the research developed within the VIR artist residency program, curated by Viafarini in Milan, from September to December 2014. The Primitive Future Office critically focuses on the proliferation of the Open Culture, with the aim to find out where it could lead us and if it will be swallowed and exploited by the Corporate Hegemony. The project gazes at some historical and contemporary practices about the emancipation concerning the world of project. It attempts to spoil these topics from the romantic overtone, looking for their concreteness instead. It both seeks new possible forms of the design architect and analyze some contradictions about this figure. The project consisted of the study of several manuals and essays which had been elaborated during the ‘60s and ‘70s, of 16 conversations with some experts, the realization of a set of installations and in the publication of the book “Primitive Future Office” for plug_in books.


List of interviewed guests: Emanuele Piccardo, Alessandro Benetti, Brunetto Debattè, Pablo Calderon Salazar, Todo por la Praxis, Matteo Guarnaccia, Arquitectura Expandida, Fala Atelier, Giampiero Venturini & Carlo Venegoni, From Outer Space, WAI Architecture Think Tank, Giulia Celentano, Minibuilders (IaaC), Tomas Diez (FabLab Barcelona), Bonnie Fortune & Brett Bloom, Jesse Howard, N55.


Book Design: Mattia Losa
Photo: Parasite 2.0

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