Radical Island#3-Bureau de la Memoria de Atochas-Monte Alto

Fetsac VII Festival de Arquitectura Escuela Técnica Superior de A Coruña, from 23rd to 26th April 2015, A Coruña.

The “Bureau de la memoria de Atochas-Monte Alto” is the third case study of the itinerant research project Radical Island, concentrated on the study of places where experiments and new forms of society can be imagined and actualized. The Spanish working-class neighborhood of the ‘30s can be considered the habitat to imagine a new and different society, as in the Atochas Monte Alto case. The “Bureau de la memoria de Atochas-Monte Alto” is a temporary research/publication lab of three days, developed for FETSAC 15 with a group of students from the Escuela Técnica Superior de A Coruña. The project was developed by building a mobile device for moving through the neighborhood looking for stories, archives, places and documents of the native character of the area, in order to create a publication and an online geo-referenced archive. An online map will flank the physical part: the big archive of the Atochas-Monte Alto radical island. The collected material, together with the map and the mobile devices already presented at the Luis Seoane Foundation, will compose with other essays the publication about the Radical Island.


Workshop participants: Michael Juan Sierra, Carmen Rodriguez Villar, Clara Torrens Chamosa, Victor Ramon Ballesta, Hada Larrea Sanchez, Camino Lamas, Daniel Bures, Miguel Picado, Omar Currus
Ph. Stefano Colombo.