Re-Constructivist Architecture

Ierimonti Gallery, from 7th December 2016 to 10th February 2017, New York.

Ierimonti Gallery New York is pleased to present Re-Constructivist Architecture, curated by Jacopo Costanzo and Giovanni Cozzani with Giulia Leone and promoted by the Scientific Technical Committee of Casa dell’Architettura in collaboration with Consulta Giovani Architetti Roma.
The exhibition will feature the work of thirteen international emerging architecture firms, aiming to portray a generation of architects born in the ‘80s: a countertrend that tries to recover a debate lost years ago and obstructed by a cumbersome star system. Their theoretical, critical and historical approach attempts to rediscover a thoughtful dimension behind the architectural subject. Each firm will present a residential project in the Roman countryside, a design exercise meant as a typological investigation, or, more generally, as a meditation on the autonomy of the architectural discipline. What will remain are thirteen projects for thirteen houses in the Roman countryside, thirteen gifts to the city of Rome.
Involving some of the architects who participated in the 1988 MoMA’s show “Deconstructivist Architecture” through their drawings and short essays, the exhibition is attempting to generate a debate between two generations of architects: one who destabilized a certain kind of relationship with the design theory and a new one wishful to get back on the lost way.


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Ph. Rui Silva