Redrawing the Theory | Redrawing the House

Premio Internazionale Bice Bugatti-Giovanni Segantini, Villa Brivio, from 13th to 30th September 2016, Nova Milanese (MB).

Today, we talk again about the necessity to re-evaluate the theory within the contemporary architectural debate. It is a necessity to re-collocate the architect in the middle of various issues, in an epoch of big urgencies and transformations of the urban and rural life, from the scale of the city to the domestic environment. In very complex historical times, the architect sought refuge “into” the paper, using the drawing as a tool to spread his theories and to build a theoretical “skeleton” for the new practice. Can the drawing make us reason again on the conceptual and political potential of architecture? If for the Modern Movement the house had been a central architectural matter in order to envision a new society, can the house be again the element which allows the practice to evolve? While strong social and technological changes are altering our way to look at domestic life, the house project doesn’t evolve. In an era of huge openness and connection, in which everything seems to be shared into the data rush or become smart because of the techno-fetishist mania, the house seems to remain the last and only place of freedom defined by four walls, where our own utopia can come alive. The project wants to look at the house as the ultimate desert island, in which couch-scale-micro-utopias can arise. For the 57° International Art Prize Bice Bugatti-Giovanni Segantini, within the spaces of Villa Vertua-Masolo we presented the results of the Call for Images curated by Daniel Tudor Munteanu and Davide Tommaso Ferrando. Participants had to transfigure themselves and the world they envisioned into their idea of the house. A selection of drawings was exhibited, including the winner proposal selected by a jury composed of Fala Atelier, Carmelo Baglivo, and Aristide Antonas. In the other rooms of the Villa were presented the interventions on the topic of Raumplan + Ganko, Fosbury Architecture, Over Habitat, and Parasite 2.0. A publication containing the essays of the four studios and the results of the Call for Images war presented on an opening day.


A project for the 57° edition of International Prize Bice Bugatti-Giovanni Segantini with Bice Bugatti Club and Libera Accademia di Pittura di Nova Milanese.
Project curated by Parasite 2.0.
With: Fosbury Architecture, Raumplan, Ganko, Davide Tommaso Ferrando, Daniel Tudor Munteanu, Over Habitat.
Graphics and Book Design: Mattia Losa and Federico Scudeler.
Collaborators: Giulia Giovannelli, Petra Popa, Lavinia Mates, Roxana Orasteanu.


Ph. Francesco Stelitano.