State of United Private Space

Progetto.Host, 16th July 2014, Milan.

One of the publicity of Ikea Spain says “Bienvenido a la republica independiente de tu casa”. The home is the private space for excellence where the highest grade of personal freedom appears. It represents a world apart, invisible from the exterior, where we can hide our intimacy and our secrets. Newspapers are full of stories from these spaces. At home you can affirm your world, thus becoming estranged from the laws or the conventions of the exterior world. In 1968 the engineer Giorgio Rosa built a 400sqm artificial platform in the Adriatic Sea and on May the 1st of the same year stated the born of an Independent State funding the Esperantist Republic of the Rose Island. It has never been recognized by any other country and on June the 26th of 1968 were occupied by the Italian Police and then destroyed. The motivations which led Giorgio Rosa to that action aren’t still very clear, but for sure it didn’t realize that he was already the owner of an independent State, the one of his home. The “Welcome to the Postdemocratic State of United Private Space” project carries to the extreme the concept of being “the boss” of his own private space where everyone can imagine being in his own State.


Progetto.Host is a project developed for Campo13, Master for young curators of the Fondazione Sandretto Re Rebaudengo.
Curated by: Dario Giovanni Alì, Carolina Gestri, Marina Loshchakova, Giorgio Micco, Caterina Molteni, Laura Perrone, Francesca Vason, Stefano Vittorini
Ph. Stefano Colombo