Temporary Lovers

ar\ge Kunst, from 23th March to 4th May 2019, Bozen.

Architects Parasite 2.0 (Milan/Brussels) have for years been conducting research that explores the region between wilderness and human habitats. In this way, they produce a semantic field where diverse phenomena converge: the internet as a contemporary ecosystem, Biblical deserts, the remnants of modernity and the Temporary Autonomous Zones theorised by Hakim Bey. Parasite 2.0 has started with the latter for their exhibition at ar/ge kunst. They focus on forms of gathering, tracing a continuous line from the legacy of the radical Italian architects, through the experiences of the free party and rave scenes and right up to the club culture and contemporary music festivals that occupy and capitalize on the imagery of remote and desert spaces. In these transitory experiences Parasite 2.0 identifies a point of view that can be used to question the notion of temporary community. They reveal the subversive potential that arises from it and is absorbed within specific temporalities and around the development of precise technologies and tools. It is physical and digital imagery that resonates with ideas such as escape and isolation, alienation and autonomy, tribalism, distant past and future, animality and post-humanity. For Temporary Lovers Parasite 2.0 have drafted a proposal that moves between installation, set-design and pedagogical experiment; it rethinks the signs, rhythms and tools of the associated communities. Temporary Lovers will operate as a ‘temporary classroom’ in a series of public events and a 24-hour workshop that will change the shape of the installation (with students from Studio Exhibit at the Faculty of Design and Art at the Free University of Bolzano). The exhibition is an invitation to live the space through time and affectivity, a call to enter and transform the environment while rethinking the relationship between subjects and objects as well as the hierarchy between architectural designs and ways of living.


Curated by: Emanuele Guidi
Curator Public Programme: Simone Mair
Production Director: Verena Rastner


Participants to the “Let me love you for 24h” workshop: Daniel Adlmueller, Michelangelo Boldrin, Giovanni Campitelli, Daniela Capaldo, Carla Carrasco, Filippo Contatore, Lucrezia Erbisti, Marilia Fara, Camilla Hoffmeister, Vincent Lidenmueller, Mark Markin, Isabella Panigada, Lucilla Patrizi, Maximilian Pellizzari, Gaia Sartorato, Theodor Seegers, Antonio Severi, Lucia Tomasi, Gaia Tovaglia. In collaboration with: Studio Exhibit – Facoltà di Arti e Design at Libera Università di Bolzano.


Workshop: “How To Mix Drinks” part of section “ar/ge kunst savoir-vivre”
Curated by Simone Mair
With: Daniele Turrina, Downtown Bolzano


With the support of: Free University of Bolzano, Faculty of Design and Art Pasticceria Hofer, Bolzano The Autonomous Province of South Tyrol, Department of Culture Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio City of Bolzano, Department of Culture.


Ph. Tiberio Sorvillo and Luca Guadagnini