The Domestic Promised Land

Atelier Clerici, Design Week 2016, from 2th to 17th April 2016, Milan.

The domestic landscape is brought back to debate and is undergoing strong changes. For the entire Modern Movement, in a time of great changes for humanity, the house was the main design task with which a new society could be imagined. Could it be again that interest in the house the key for the new evolution of the architectural practice? Even though new social and technological boosts are completely altering domestic life, it seems that the way they are designed has remained the same. On one hand, it begs the question of whether the house can still be considered a private space in the “sharing era” while on the other hand, we may ask ourselves if the house could be viewed as the last encrypted existing space, the last ascetic desert to find a shelter in, a place to disconnect from society, where our deepest desires can come true. In a time of huge openness, when it seems that everything is prone to be shared or become ‘smart’ in a ruling technofetishism, the house seems to be the last place to escape and hide. The research looks at the house as a deserted island, in which micro-utopias can be designed at the scale of the living room. We invite artists, architects, designers and researchers to talk about possible suggestions on the house as a space of desires become real.


Curated by Zoe de Luca.
Works by Joey Holder, Hunter Jonakin, Kim Laughton, Sara Ludy, Brenna Murphy, Sabrina Rattè
Conversations curated by Parasite 2.0 with: Casa Jasmina, Jerszy Seymour, Anna Puigjaner (MAIO), Matilde Cassani, Gonzalo Herrero Delicado, Martina Motta, Alessandro Benetti, Padania Classic, Failed Architecture, U67, Ryan John King and Ekaterina Zavyalova (FOAM), Peaks, The Wandering School
Archive Project Decorhardcore curated by Ksenia Shestakovski
Graphic Design by CCN STUDIO
Project for Atelier Clerici curated by Space Caviar
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