The Last Camp

Vernadsky Prospect 37, Building 2, from 21st to 29th August 2021, Moscow.

“The Last Camp” is an exhibition imagined together with  @errring  in the space of a  week in Moscow. All the pieces exhibited were realized inside the same unfinished office building where the exhibition took place. Some of the works were made using and assembling materials from the silent and empty construction site. The location somehow set the atmosphere for the entire show. The starting point for this collaboration was a fascination for the world of camping and outdoor activities together with their equipment and objects. In a certain way, the world of camping evokes some of the biggest urgencies we’re facing, from the relationship human/nature to a  new nomadic tribe because of forced displacement. All these considerations were behind a series of verbal\non verbal discussions leading to “The Last Camp”. Our and erring work completely melt together, leaving behind any sort of boundaries, hierarchy, or authority, giving shape to a new and unexpected sort of entity.


Ph. Evgeny Melnikov