The Maker Faire Home

Casa Jasmina Pavilion, 4th Maker Faire Rome, from 14th to 16th October 2016, Rome.

The Maker Faire Home is a pavilion commissioned by Casa Jasmina and Arduino. The project is part of the research that Parasite 2.0 has been carrying on about the concept of “architecture as a scenography”, able to create different scenarios in complete opposition with nature. After the experience of the Maxxi Temporary School project, in which the “scenography” was brought to its extreme level through the use of a green screen and the possibility to use various landscapes, thanks to an app for smartphone, for the Maker Faire the relationship between structure and coating was emphasized. The starting reference was the Arduino board: fixed hardware and a re-configurable software with its infinite uses and plug-in elements. Thus the pavilion becomes a framework, made of struts for drywalls (hardware), to which every element can be added. Emoji which represent different emotional reactions and moods appear on the structure like between the lines of an online chat. The internal space is divided into 3 areas, which, exactly like for the house, are populated with a selection of domestic objects such as futuristic mirrors or kitchens chosen by Casa Jasmina. The pavilion works on the strong juxtaposition between exterior and interior: on one side a bare structure made of struts and rough drywalls, on the other side an open and eternal “building site” ready to be characterized.


Collaborators: Antonello Livrano
Ph. Davide Galli