Nasagonando art project, 6th June 2018, Ormea.

The intervention wants to be a strong sign into the territory. It is a symbol of the violence of the anthropization, of the difference between nature and artifice, of the fight “man vs nature”.
Despite its strong presence and recognisability in opposition to the environment, the installation is not made to stay, to remain, but it suffers the action of both time and nature. Made of natural material, it dissolves, melts through time. It vanishes under the violence of the water that caused the on 24th November 2016 caused the flood the destroyed entire parts of that area.
It is an element to observe, a totem that celebrates the caducity of the human activity on the landscape, and its powerlessness on nature. In a sense, it is a symbol of the anthropization, of human action for the struggle for survival against nature. The artwork is made of a biodegradable material: bricks of salt for feeding horses.


Project curated by Plug-in (Emanuele Piccardo).
With the support of Comune di Ormea and CRC Foundation.


Ph. Stefano Colombo