Archiektura Mòwiąca

Galeria Skala, from 23th October to 20th November 2020, Poznań.

“Archiektura Mòwiąca” concerns an artifact’s potential to tell stories and to envision new paths for collective living. Its title “Speaking architecture” derives from a term coined by Claude Nicolas Ledoux to describe structures that explain their own function or identity. The project includes a series of objects and possible architectures inspired by what artists defined as an “architecture novel” about a fictive group of individuals enmeshed in a conspiracy to take over the main institution controlling their city. The show will start with a performance in which the public will be invited to live and experience the architecture itself.


Curated by Julia Korzycka

Thanks to Daniel Koniusz and Ryszard Czapara

Ph. Stefano Colombo