Audience Infrastructure

That's IT, MAMbo Museo d'Arte Moderna di Bologna, from 21st June to 11th November 2018, Bologna.

“Audience infrastructure” is a project for “That’s it – sull’ultima generazione di artisti in Italia e a un metro e ottanta dal confine”, a collective exhibition curated by Lorenzo Balbi at MAMBO, the Museum of Modern Art in Bologna. It wants to be a tool for observation and contemplation of a complex series of various contents.
It is an artwork between installation and exhibition design, that aims to reflect on one hand on the modalities through which we receive what is exhibited within the museum, and on the other hand on the different levels of interaction that is possible to build among the contents themselves. The project is composed of two elements: a pair of mobile bleachers and fourteen wall exhibitors – seven for each short wall. Thanks to the mobile elements, it is possible to change continuously the configuration of the space in which the visitors consult the biographies and the bibliographies placed on the wall exhibitors. The dark tones of the material used for bleachers and exhibitors are in contrast with the pale tones of the floor and walls of the space, thus improving their visual impact inside the museum. The lighting system – three neon led integrated into the upper part of the exhibitors on each short wall – is designed in order to define better the area of the biographies and bibliographies. The second source of light comes from Ruth Bera’s artwork placed in the middle of the room. “Audience infrastructure” is a tool of observation, a device to allow the visitor to go deep into the different personalities and references of the artists.


“That’s it sull’ultima generazione di artisti in Italia e a un metro e ottanta dal confine” is a collective exhibition curated by Lorenzo Balbi.


With the support of Hera, Gruppo Unipol and Regione Emilia-Romagna.
The exhibition is part of Bologna Estate 2018.