We will Design, Milan Design Week 2021 @ Base, from 5th to 12th September 2021, Milan.

Baratto is an exhibition curated and designed by Parasite2.0 and Antropofago Productions.

Antropofago Productions is a curated collection of objects, fanzine, sounds, and an online shop using the famous independent music platform Bandcamp. Antropofago Productions is looking for all of these products that, once transformed into images or contents to be shared online and on social media, get lost in an archive, a warehouse, a hard drive, or simply get dusty or rusty somewhere, in a forgotten corner. Antropofago Productions is interested in the aspect of over-production and over-consumption of contents through images, which is of course something that affects the designers’ practice. With this long-term self-produced project, their aim is to investigate these topics through a series of materials such as podcasts, the online store, and an Instagram archive. Said so, the idea behind Antropofago is to create a collection of objects or projects we like and that somehow have found space just as images to be shared online.

What is ‘Baratto’?
Baratto is a reflection on the value of exchange.
Can we build new non-monetary-based / non-competition-based / non-rivalry-based systems? Can we apply solidarity, mutual aid, and class consciousness to the new producers of culture?


05-12.09.2021 @ Base Milano


Baratto Take overs: Cecilia Del Carmen Juarez Balta, Jean Baptiste Gambier and Funclab.

Baratto Exhibition: Bruno Baietto, Atelier Brenda, Lino Gasparitsch, Jonas Hejduk, Flora Lechner, Neostandard, Pavel Polshchikov, Marco Selmin, Stock-a-studio, Errring Studio


Graphic design: Offbeat Studio
Ph. Stefano Colombo