Careof, Fabbrica del Vapore, from 2th November to 23th December 2016, Milan.

CINEMODERNO, a project by Careof, that hour by hour investigates the relationship between the moving image and performance.


The Set up realized at the Fabbrica del Vapore was dedicated to the project Cinemoderno curated by Martina Angelotti for Careof. The project prepares the space for a one-month-series of events, five different performances, which required different space configurations. The project is a bleacher inspired by the ones of the cinemas, but that can be easily divided into various pieces of different height and dimension for many possibilities of configuration. Every artist gave birth to his own disposition moving and placing the elements into space. The installation was entirely built with modular drilled metal profiles that permit future possibilities of dis-assembly and re-assembly in new forms.


Curated by Martina Angelotti
Prologue: 25th October 2016
Live and set: From 2nd November to 23rd December 2016
Artists Live and set: Eva & Franco Mattes, Anna Franceschini & Diego Marcon, Teresa Cos, Francesco Fonassi
Prologue: Massimo Carozzi
Scenography: Parasite2.0
Collaborators: Alberto Spinella, Massimo Tenan


Ph. Francesco Stelitano