Communal Enthusiasm

Jan Van Eyck Academie, from September 16th to December 15th, 2023, Maastricht

Communal Enthusiasm is the exhibition celebrating the Jan Van Eyck Academie’s 75th anniversary. Communal Enthusiasm brings together works by academy alumni, advisers, staff, and directors. With the oldest items dating back to the early 1950s, this exhibition activates the archive and brings to light overlooked artworks; some of which have not been seen since their completion. The curator Pádraic E. Moore invited us to design the exhibition.

The artifacts making up this exhibition do highlight particular tendencies that distinguish the history of this organization. The scenography holds together the artworks using a set of anonymous grey platforms. They are conceived as an assemblage of old and new podiums found at the academy, that can be shaped in endless compositions.

Works on show by
Appie Drielsma, Raul Marroquin, Pieter Defesche, Silvia Baltus, C. Poerwadi, Ryan Gander, Megan Francis Sullivan, Alexandra Phillips, John Körmeling, Ruud Kuijer, Ben Brack, Wiel Arets & Wim van den Bergh, Harry Buckinx, Rudolf Bikkers, Knut Flatin, Bert de Hoog, Ron Bernstein, Hardi, Cedar Lewisohn, Rod Summers, Niek Hendrix, Servie Janssen, Gottfried Hundsbichler, Zohny Maguib, Linda Pollack, Petran Vermeulen, Geoffrey Salmon, Romy Finke, Dario D’Aronco, Imogen Stidworthy, Parasite 2.0, Margriet Thissen, Albert Troost, Yumiko Yoneda, Marine Kaiser, Orla Barry, Hooykaas/Stansfield, William PARS Graatsma, Navine G. Dossos, Lukas Smits, Andrea Éva Győri, Jo Frenken, Aleksander Johan Andreassen, Kristina Sedlerova-Villanen, Norbert Grunschel, Helga Paetzold.

Curated by
Pádraic E. Moore
Exhibition design by
Parasite 2.0

Made possible thanks to the support of the The Arts Council of Ireland and LIMA, centre of expertise in the fields of preservation, research and distribution of media art.