Forecast Forum, Radialsystem, from 5th to 7th July 2019, Berlin.

Dark-a-sutra is the first act of Nasty Temple, our project selected for the section Design and Activism mentored by Jerszy Seymour for Forecast Forum at Radialsystem. Dark-a-sutra is a scenography and performance starting from Kar-a-sutra, Mario Bellini’s contribution to the polemic exhibition Italy: The New Domestic Landscape. Part of the performance is the audio of a Bellini’s interview in which the architect affirms how the market coopted his car for the future nomad of the Free Love movement, thus transforming it in the Multi-Purpose Vehicle symbol of the patriarchal family par excellence. Dark-a-sutra has to be seen as a funeral, a celebration, a sacrifice of the designer as we know it, thus accepting the necessity to rethink the designer as a villain, an anti-hero that can fight the exploitation and cultural appropriation of his practice of resistance. This is the act where the designer understands his degenerated nature and sacrifices his ego. The darkest desires drive him to a new level of consciousness.


Nasty Temple uses the stage and the theatrical representation as a possibility to explore possible different realities, as the place where we can rethink the norms and standards at the base of the anthropization process and the design of our habitat.


Nasty Temple chooses the theatrical performance as the main medium, recognizing in it a strong capacity and possibility for the experimentation and pre-configuration of new ways of approaching collective life.


To start this process, Nasty Temple finds space in the urban wilderness, in urban deserts, new tabulae rasae, such as abandoned empty plots, as an abstract space outstanding different codes of the exterior, of the outside.


Nasty Temple is an ephemeral theater, a tabernacle, a settlement in a new desert.


Nasty temple is a space of experimentation mixing performance, scenography and design, as a possibility to experiment and configure new possible realities.


Nasty Temple is a project based on three acts.


Ph. Camille Blake and Parasite2.0