Milan Design Week 2021, from 6th to 12th September, 2021, Milan.

“Frontescena” is a series of performances and props exploring the history of public speeches, improvised stages, and activist’s speaker corners. Thanks to these different objects, some stores and the streets in front of them have been transformed into temporary stages, platforms for collective and self-awareness. The audience was invited to listen and participate in a public reading of ‘’The right to the city’’ by Henri Lefebvre and the stories behind what looks like a simple store narrated by their owners.


“Frontescena” is a project by Parasite 2.0 realized on the occasion of the Milan Design Week 2021.
The project is part of ReStart, a series of artistic interventions in the Tortona neighborhood curated by BASE Milano, Acne, Deloitte business, Deloitte Italy.


Stores: Bar – Papagayo, Hardware store – Ferramenta Viganó Pietro, Restaurant – Saba e Tu.


Special thanks to Leonardo Caffo.
Ph. Stefano Colombo