Housewarming, from 20th April to 24th June 2018, New York.

Housewarming is a collective exhibition curated by adjustments agency (Nicholas Korody, Joanna Kloppenburg) and Jessicas Kwok in is a store for architecture located in an apartment in Manhattan’s Chinatown. It investigates potential roles for architecture in a moment marked by rapid technological, socioeconomic, environmental, and political change. Situated within the increasingly blurred boundaries between the domestic and commercial, aims to expose and challenge the precarious structures supporting such practices, locating the exhibition not just as a space of representation, but also as a site at the nexus of these very transformations.


Housewarming features works by Alan Ruiz (US), Allan Wexler (US), Beirut Architecture Office (LB), Bless (FR and DE), Christine Bjerke (DK), Colleen Tuite (US), Cooking Sections (UK), Matilde Cassani (IT), and Parasite 2.0 (IT).


Photographic intervention by E.M. Joseph.
Graphic design by Beta Bureau.
Lighting design by Jelisa Blumberg