Eterotopia, from 22th to 30th September 2018, La Maddalena, Italy.

The totem for Eterotopia is designed in honor of the Tabula Rasa. It is an invitation to focus on the moment of the transition from the death of something, to its own rebirth. Taken the Le Tombe dei Giganti (the Tombs of the Giants) from Palau as an initial suggestion, we moved the attention, not on the possible future hosted by a place that today is considered as a tabula rasa, rather on the moment right before the new beginning, on the zero grade of this future, hence fixing that moment through a funeral monument. In this way the death becomes a deed of reflection on the causes of the tabula rasa, it becomes a necessary moment for a possible new start. It is fundamental the identification and comprehension of these zero-places and of the causes which brought to such condition. During the workshop, after the initial recognition of these crucial points, the participants will design a mausoleum and will realize a scale model of it. Our totem will be the first of these mausoleums and it will start the reflection on the role these elements have on the territory. Can these architectures transform into warnings in order to comprehend better the dynamics behind the ways we anthropize the world?


Workshop partecipants: Yulia Besplemennova, Clara Maria Blasius, Giovanni Comoglio , Marcello Cualbu, Fiona Feeney, Gaia Garofali, Grégoire Guex-Crosier, Marta Manzuoli, Giaime Meloni, Rosaura Romero and Margaux Simonin.


Ph. Giaime Meloni