Old as a Tower

December 31st 2022, Piazza Maggiore, Bologna, Italy

Fire and architecture are somehow extremely connected. From Chicago and the story behind the rise of skyscrapers to the Great Fire of London, flames are an active part of architectural history. Same for the old tradition of Vecchione. As every year since memorable time, in the city of Bologna, the night of New Year’s Eve is marked by the bonfire of Vecchione (the old man) in Piazza Maggiore, a seven-meters tall wooden sculpture symbolizing the past and burned down at the stroke of midnight.
In 2022 was the turn of our “Old as a Tower”, honoring Bologna’s skyline of more than a hundred towers between the 12th and the 13th century. Back then Bologna was a proto-New York or Dubai, where the richest and most powerful were already competing at the game of the tallest skyscraper, phallic towers symbols of male domination and political authority. Our “Old as a Tower” takes the shape of an old man trapped inside his own ivory tower, transformed into his cage.


“Old as a Tower” is a project by Parasite 2.0 winner of an open call launched by Comune di Bologna in 2020.


Produced by Officine Contesto

Ph. Stefano Colombo, Dimitri D’Ippolito

Special thanks to Assessorato alla Cultura of Bologna, to Comune di Bologna and all the staff involved.

Special thanks to all our friends who decide to share this very special moment with us.