Parasite Module for the Spatial Occupation: New configurations from the Primitive Future

INvisible, 16th December 2011, Milan.

“It’s not that easy to remember exactly, it was a long time ago. The crisis had its own smell and thickness, similar to the fog, we were used to walking shrouded in this milky layer. The city left its architectural waste all around: offices, old industries, houses, and concrete bullshits, skeletal, they were like cathedrals, proving the fall. Not that much was missing before the end… Wandering in the night, with our bottles to take us away, was one of our best hobbies at that time. Until we saw it, the heart was beating fast. It was the landscape of a new circle of Hell. We decided to steal it and become strangers to end-stage cancer we were ruled by. We didn’t write any statute, any manifesto, any paper. Nothing. All happened automatically. We were going back to an ancient world, to the intellectual purity of the prehistoric man, able to build his own environment. We broke the spatial rules in order to reach a micro-spatial mess. We wanted this… Not to be a slave of anything. The progress brought us to the end.
We transformed our anonymous architectural box. What we built, later on, looked like the scraps of this apparent growth. We built our parasite architecture inside and it exploded as a virus through a spontaneous handmade spatiality. There was no hierarchy. Then, to make public our passion for spatial rape, we decided to leave. This is what I remember.” Milan, 12th December 2033.


Curated by LIDEA (Andrea Allegrini, Caterina Molteni e Carlotta Sacchi)

Ph. Stefano Colombo