Pianeta Redenta, Festival dei due Mondi, from June 30th to July 2nd, 2023, Spoleto, Italy.

“Presences” is a project at the intersection of scenography and spatial identity designed for Terraforma and Festival dei Due Mondi in Spoleto, Italy. The project helps the audience of “Pianeta Redenta” navigate the space and provide functional objects as such reception desks and dj booth.

The project started with the following reflection after a first site visit.
Every place brings with it the stories that have lived it. These stories transform it, build new modes of use and legacies with which new subjects confront and imagine new perspectives.
In these new scenarios, energies stratify, building new architectural relationships, modifying the habitat in which we live over time. They are very often silent presences that accompany us in our experience of a place. Is it possible to subjectivize them? As characters in a story guiding a narrative, can they become the subject of new interventions in the territory?
The exhibition project “Presences” gives form to these subjects. Presences in the park of Villa Redenta take physical form, becoming a scenographic device for ”Pianeta Redenta”, which will accompany participants during the days of the festival.


Pianeta Redenta is developed by ThreesProduction, Terraforma festival

Threes Production team: Nicola Giuliani, Ruggero Pietromarchi, Anita Wilczega
Production manager: Stefano Galli
Production director: Massimo Goitom
Camping and utilities: Filippo Bertolina, Federica Carenini

Thanks to all the people who helped making it possible Trascendanza ETS, Stefano Galli, Andrea, Andrea Bistarelli,  Elena Tredici,  Gianmarco Giacomini,  Giacomo Tramontana


Ph Elena Tredici