Radical Island #4-Primitive Future Tribalism

RITMO, from 30th August to 20th September 2015, Catania

Primitive Future Tribalism is the fourth stage of the “Radical Island” project which has been born from the will of re-defining the concept of derived and accidental islands, those places where the absence of laws and conventions allows the libertarian emancipation of life, and thus of the human habitat. The project investigates the possibilities offered by these places focusing on some case studies; during a one-week residency in Sicily, Parasite 2.0 will develop his research envisioning Librino neighborhood as a radical island in the primitive future and envisioning the metropolitan tribalism forms which will inhabit. They foreshadow a future animated by the bond between extreme technologies and primitivism, by the dissolution of the boundaries between natural and artificial, and between anthropized and wild.
The enclaves of modernist segregation will be the place where new forms of hybrid societies could develop. From the failure of the modernist dream, humankind will be able to restart albeit the advanced Anthropocene. Across the trip through extreme future realities, the project aims to present Librino and the suburban areas as places for new emancipation where activating new and independent forms of society. It wants to develop a new consciousness within these realities, nowadays always more marginalized, which at the same time represent unique areas of freedom and refuge for the diversity of our metropolis.


Ph. Ritmo and Parasite 2.0