Villa Rica

Cosmoprof 2024, from 21st to 24th March, Bologna, Italy.

Villa Rica is a tailor-made fair booth designed for Rica Spa on the occasion of Cosmoprof Worldwide 2024 in Bologna. Divided into three temporary architectures, the booth design traces back to Rica’s heritage and connection with the Sicilian landscape. Starting from the old “baglio”- the fortified buildings functioning as the centre of farms during feudalism – the booth is built around a central courtyard with a big table in the middle and arches on the four sides. Closing the circle are two small clusters inspired by the countryside’s greenhouse – as a meeting room – and a wrought iron gazebo – as an introductory space.
The booth design takes on sustainability and circularity thanks to a modular, scalable and reusable structure, that can be adapted to events, fairs and showcases of different sizes.


Designed in collaboration with Paolo Gagliardi_Duecentotrentasei Multidisciplinary Studio
Parasite 2.0 design team: Stefano Colombo, Angelica Colonnato, Eugenio Cosentino, Valerio Morgante and Luca Marullo.



Ph. Stefano Colombo