The grave desk

Letter of Last Resort, Damien & The Love Guru, 30th-8th July 2018, Brussels.

The grave desk is a system to display different kind of materials realized for Letters of Last Resorts, an exhibition curated by Pàdraic E. Moore at Damien & The Love Guru. The series of four desks realized in high-density polystyrene were designed mixing funereal and military aesthetics and were used to display books and sculptures. Publication designed by Zero Desk.


Participants: Henry Andersen, Anna Back, Eric Baudelaire, Tatiana Bohm, Simon Bedwell, Laurie Charles, Anthony Colclough, Liam Hillock, Jenny Holzer, Lukas Müller, OJAI (Chris Dreier & Gary Farrelly), Linder Sterling, Suzanne Treister, Frank Wasser and Zero Desk.

Ph. Stefano Colombo