The Last Camp_Short Movie

The Possibility Of An Island - the floor is lava, AA Visiting School, from 09th to 17th July, 2021, Chianti, Tuscany, Italy.

The Last Camp is a short film realized during The Possibility of an Island 2021 and entirely shot in Chianti, Tuscany, Italy. Through video footages, drawings, and sounds, the short film tells the story of a new tribe living in the darkness, on a planet where the sun turned into an enemy. If the sun and his iconography have been considered for ages a divine entity, a symbol of goodness and a source of life, the movie shifts the point of view towards sunlight and its effects.


With: Riccardo Casa, Sophie Schaffer, Alexandra Torggler.
Ph. Piercarlo Quecchia (DLS studio)


The Possibility Of An Island – the floor is lava.
Architecture Association  Visiting School, from 09th July to 17th July, 2021, Chianti, Tuscany Italy.
Programme Heads: Sofia Pia Belenky, Margherita Marri, Luigi Savio.
Tutors: PLSTCT, Abnormal, Captcha, Fosbury Architecture, Space Caviar, Forgotten Architecture, Parasite 2.0.