The Notebooks of Giancarlo De Carlo

Triennale Milano, from 24th January to 29th March 2020, Milan.

On the occasion of the centenary of his birth, Triennale Milano presents I quaderni di Giancarlo De Carlo (The Notebooks of Giancarlo De Carlo), the first exhibition in a series dedicated to the most representative figures in the design world. In this case, however, the term “diary” is inappropriate, since the work consists of 16 notebooks, kept and transcribed by his daughter Anna De Carlo. They are a truly private archive, compiled over 39 years, with great care given to the texts and graphics. The exhibition offers a cross-section of the themes dealt with in the annotations of Giancarlo De Carlo’s notebooks, including his personal reflections, travel reports, notes on design and his relationships with friends and colleagues. Page after page, the unmistakable traits of De Carlo’s calligraphy, sketches, his choice and use of different writing media, his obsessive use of collage and pop-up give rise to a truly graphic project, which is given plenty of space in this exhibition.


Artistic direction: Lorenza Baroncelli
Curated by: Gatto Tonin Architetti
Exhibition design: Parasite 2.0
Graphic design: Superness (Alessio D’Ellena, Federico Antonini)
Photo by: Gianluca di Ioia