Kühlhaus Berlin, Berlin Art Week 2022, from 14th to 25th September, Berlin.

The set-up realized for ‘’Transgressive. Non-conformist Approaches to the Arts and the City’’ takes inspiration from practices of adaptation and transformation of urban elements in the contemporary metropolis. As we’ve seen from various urban subcultures – from punk DIY to the art of sampling in Hip-Hop culture – adaption to conditions of scarcity and extreme creativity in transforming basic urban resources or scraps, are key elements we can learn from today.


The entire set-up has been reduced to minimum use of resources and outsourcing manufacturing. All the layers of information necessary to navigate the exhibition were concentrated in a minimum series of panels guiding the audience. A series of already existing elements from the storage of the venue have been hacked and transformed avoiding a new production of elements. A set of already existing benches from the venue has been transformed thanks to a plastic film cover and a series of handles using metal chains. This small addition allowed the curatorial team to move them around in order to set up the space for the program of public events. Another example of re-use is a barrier at the entrance partially covered with a welcoming sign. Curated by Lucas Freiress on the occasion of Berlin Art Week, the exhibition collects 48 artists from different backgrounds within a common self-determined and subversive approach to urban space.

The exhibition design welcomes the spectator in a three floors exhibition with a series of elements that freely combine urban elements and information related to the exhibition. Barriers, metal plates, rocks, and chains build a system of useful objects to link all the various practices in the exhibition together.



Curated by Lukas Feireiss

Exhibition Design: Parasite 2.0

Graphic design: Matthias Hübner

Production: Studio Alibi

The exhibition is realized with the kind support of the Hauptstadtkulturfonds.