Ubiquitous Tribe

Fabbrica del Vapore, from 4th July to 30th September 2015, Milan.

Ubiquitous Tribe uses the “Sala delle Colonne” as a temporary research laboratory and the artists in residency as unaware performers during the 3-month project curated by Progetto Citta Ideale. The new Homo Faber continuously inhabits a Fab Lab of the scrap, between real and virtual, no more penned in a physical space, but ubiquitous. As in the Turbinenfabrik by Peter Behrens, the space of the Sala delle Colonne will be transformed into a sacred space, a celebrative temple of the new paradigm. In Ubiquitous Tribe, starting from a series of basic and modular elements, decontextualized from the classic environment of use, the artist will be able to shape autonomously their workspace. The individual possibility to realize their own habitat becomes the fundamental step to test this new world, comparing the digitalization with the materiality of the physical space. During the 3 months of residency, space will be used as a place of dialogue and debate, involving the artists in reasoning and re-thinking their relationship with the workspace. The project was part of the “Progetto Città Ideale”.


Ph. Alice Pedroletti and Parasite 2.0