Walden: Desert and Oasis, Wood and Cabin, Illegal Book and Crypto-Utopia

SPRINT (Independent Publishers and Artists’ Books Fair), from 28th to 29th November 2015, Milan.

The project focuses on the relationship between the mythical and the ascetic idea of desert, places for physical and mental isolation with the drafting of anonymous and subversive texts. Personal isolation, primeval state, original construction of the shelter in physical and mental deserts, “shamanic” outputs, ready to break into the collective life, to destabilize and awaken. In these acts lie the crash between two of the most extreme tendencies of the human, the inner isolation and the full openness at the community and the world. Working on participation that will act on multiple levels – a hybrid narrative show, an installation on sprint threshold and a lecture – the project refers to these practices and to the physicality of places in relation to them. Desert islands in which you can imagine, experience and develop new forms of social and collective life.


Ph. Francesco Stelitano