62th Bugatti-Segantini Art Prize, Villa Brivio, from 15th December 2021 to 29th January 2022, Nova Milanese.

”WISDOM OF UNCERTAINTY – RESEARCH INSTITUTE” is a scenography for the solo show ”WISDOM OF UNCERTAINTY” project by Francesco Stelitano.


Wisdom of Uncertainty is a work based on the vulnerable and ever-changing dynamics at the basis of our living: it is in the present time that the photographs captured read the state of alert for the ecosystem, the economic crisis and the loss of community values. The scenography interprets the aesthetic of the science labs. Through performance and set design, the display drives the audience into a suspended environment.


Project is part of ”Adesso!”, Project of Rossi Foundation for 62th edition of Bugatti-Segantini Art Prize.

in collaboration with LAP and Comune di Nova Milanese


Scientific Contribution: Nathan Shammah
Scientific Consulting: Nathan Shammah e Flavio Moriniello
Texts: Laura Colantonio e Francesco Stelitano
Collaborators: Simona Pavoni, Salvatore De Pascalis
Thanks to Simona Squadrito


Photos by Francesco Stelitano.