Wrapping #1

Ortigia Sound System Festival, from 24th to 28th July 2019, Siracusa.

For the third year, we had the pleasure to collaborate with Ortigia Sound System Festival and to take care of the Carhartt Boat Party stage and The Island Football Tournament pitch, both really connected to the daily life of the island. The answer to this last-minute challenge was a really pragmatic solution. Wrapping #1 is a low-budget project based on two different branded tapes necessary to cover and customize different elements, objects, and locations based on a DIY solution trying to answer the festival requirement.


The project related to the festival is just the first step of Wrapping, conceived as series of itinerant works about: Ivan Illich, designer authorship, Temporary Autonomous Zone, DIY culture, autonomy, fast branding, open-source, wild marketing, utopia, e-commerce, logo-mania, The Whole Earth Catalogue, containers, Helvetica, low budget, Virgil Abloh, logistic infrastructure, Thomas Moore, graffiti culture, desert islands, luxury fashion industry, primitive future, tracking number, Hip-Hop aesthetics, William Morris, Amazon, artistic values, Phase 2, The Anarchist Cookbook, global shipping, Rap sampling, DHL, subculture, Nomadic Furniture, Demna Gvasallia, cardboard boxes, pirate utopia, standard and norms, P2P, blockchain, vernacular design, packaging, Victor Papanek, the invention of Printing Press, bedroom entrepreneur, Peter Behrens, material circulation, the Silicon Valley, the lack of resources, corporate culture, the new Silk Road.


Ph. Stefano Mattea, Giacomo De Caro and Parasite 2.0